Las Vegas Dispensary Tours

420 Tours Las Vegas was founded shortly after Nevada passed senate bill 374, also known as the "Dispensary bill."  Although Nevada had a medical marijuana program for patients since 2001, SB 374 created a legal method of supply for patients to receive their medicine and required potential pot business owners to be vetted through an extensive licensing process.  To accommodate Las Vegas's 45 million annual visitors, SB 374 allows for out-of-state reciprocity so registered patients traveling from medical marijuana states can enter one of the 55 state licensed dispensaries and purchase up to 2.5 ounces of marijuana.


In July 2017, Nevada opened its doors to recreational marijuana so now any adult 21 years or older can purchase cannabis from one of the 65 state licensed Nevada dispensaries!  Our state’s marijuana program has received national attention about countless press articles on our right approach in regulating marijuana.  Las Vegas has always been a top tourist destination, but now we have a new industry to draw more visitors from around the world.

Why 420 Tours Las Vegas?

Ask any dispensary owner who was there for the patients since day 1 of Nevada’s medical marijuana program.  420 Tours!  We were at the forefront of a new but "Budding" industry and kept with it.  As competitors looked to expand their out-of-state cannabis tour companies here in Nevada, keep in mind what makes Vegas Dispensary Tours unique:

  • LOCALLY owned and the first marijuana travel company to provide dispensary tours here in Sin City, Las Vegas!

  • Our founders are NEVADA community leaders and involved in all areas of the hospitality, transportation and legal cannabis industry.  One of our owners is part of a Marijuana Establishment with medical and recreational licenses.   

  • WE are the only LAS VEGAS cannabis tour company with a physical location where Cannabis tourists meet and can get educated on marijuana laws as well as taking pictures inside The Cannabis Chapel.

  • Dispensary tour clients receive VIP access and discounts to many local Vegas attractions such as: nightclubs, strip clubs, restaurants, entertainment and comedy shows. 

Our Commitment

Las Vegas Dispensary Tours is committed to providing unparalleled customer service and truly a "Top-Shelf" dispensary tour experience.  If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to contact us at 702-665-2882.

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